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06/10/2014BODMIN DFAS The Paintings conservation roadshow
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19/06/2014TEIGNBRIDGE DFAS 'A nearly summer solstice celebration' POMPEII AND HERCULANEUM - THEIR LIFE AND DEATH
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17/03/2014Exe DFAS Cornish Art
14/03/2014West Somerset DFAS Indian Architecture : Hindu, Buddhist, Moghul and the Raj
13/03/2014Liskeard DFAS Queen Victoria and Prince Albert - Patrons of the Arts
06/03/2014DEVON DFAS The Wallace Collection

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BODMIN DFAS The Paintings conservation roadshow
Sarah Cove
06/10/2014 This study day links together three existing lectures, The Conservation and Restoration of Paintings, A Day in the Life of a Picture Restorer, and A Tale of a Million Brushstrokes: The Conservation of English Portraits.
Sarah will discuss the nature of oil paintings materials from the Middle Ages to the present day and common problems associated with the ageing and deterioration of, and damage to, easel paintings. These can be on canvas, panel, board or paper and in a range of mediums: oil, acrylic, egg tempera or mixed media. Problems can involve natural deterioration and neglect, accidental damage, vandalism and even war – the most surprising event being a large hole caused by a Turkish cannon ball going through a picture in the 18th century!

Advice on packing and transport will given in advance so attendees can bring their own pictures for an ‘Antiques Roadshow’ style assessment with recommendations for conservation.

The venue will be announced later.
Sarah is an accredited Easel Paintings Conservator and specialist in historic painting techniques, especially the British 16th-17th century and 19th-20th century. She is probably the foremost authority on Constable's painting materials and techniques.

Sarah has a Fine Art background; BA (Hons) History of Art (Courtauld); Internships V&A/National Portrait Gallery and was a Visiting Fellow at Yale 1989.